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CrosseFire participates in their first overseas international tournament!

On 7 – 10 April 2023, CrosseFire participated in the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open tournament, which spanned four days and featured teams from across Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Taipei, Japan, and Korea. This tournament marked the first-ever international lacrosse tournament for CrosseFire.


Men’s Roster:

1 Ho Yan Ngai
2 Michael Lau
4 Andrew Sze Tsan Lee
5 Stewart
6 Howard Liew
8 Cheng An Lee
9 Tsz Chung Mak
10 Jincheng Tang
11 Michael Rogatch
12 Theo Chan
13 Kong Yau Fung
14 Tze Chiang Reon Tay
15 Victor Braun
16 Scott Bernstein
17 Michael Obeng
18 Samson Wong
21 Lewis Ten
23 Benjamin Chan
24 Darren Lim
35 Ka Ho Godwin So
37 Andy Yip
91 Koh Tong Jie Marcus
93 Jerry Wong

Women’s Roster:

1 Cheuk Wai Cheryl Hung
2 Jessie Wei Lin Chan
3 Lok Yan Chan
5 Suzuno Osato
7 Yu Yan Cheung
8 Haruko Sado
10 Nik Waheeda Nik Kamarulzaman
11 Zhi Qing Bak
12 Christine Wong
13 Syairah Nabilah Musa
15 Nancy Brundle
17 Schyler Neale
19 Yui Tung Chan
20 Minami Inoue
26 Ling Yi Hong
28 Celeste Lee
35 Yun Yan Ho
39 Xandrea Alfie Isa
62 Ryoko Sado
78 Nana Saito


Throughout the tournament, we had the privilege of competing against numerous skilled and formidable opponents. While we did not emerge at the top of the rankings, the lessons we learned and insights we gained from this experience were invaluable. Undoubtedly, this experience has also motivated us to work harder as a team. After taking time to reflect on our performance, we were able to identify areas for improvement, allowing us to set ambitious goals for future tournaments.

Beyond the games, we were able to strengthen our bond as a team through a variety of shared experiences, from the pre-tournament team dinner, to exploring Hong Kong and visiting popular tourist attractions like the Peak together. Overall, the tournament was a wholesome trip that not only provided us with an invaluable experience, but also brought us closer together as a team.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to Hong Kong Lacrosse for hosting such an exceptional event. We would also like to thank our esteemed sponsors, including FCA Lacrosse, Kelly Benefits, and Kairo, for their generous support. Their support has enabled us to pursue our passion for the sport and represent our team on the international stage. We look forward to participating in upcoming tournaments with greater resolve and determination!

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